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  1. It is my first time buying lens from an online shop. How do I make a purchase?

    Please check our Purchasing Tutorial for more detailed instruction.

    Select the lens model you want from the webstore.Indicate the color of your choice and prescription if any in the drop down menu and space provided.

    Local (Philippine) buyers may use the ORDER FORM because it gives more options to pay locally with banks and money transfers.

    International buyers and Paypal users may use the in-house shopping cart for easy check out.

  2. How do I pay for my order?

    A&R accepts several methods of payment.

    International buyers may use Paypal for instant purchases or Western Union.

    Local buyers may deposit their cash payments at BDO and Union Bank. We also accept Western Union, LBC, GCash. If you are paying with a cheque - there will be a 3-4 day clearing time before we send your order out.

    If you are not using Paypal for instant purchases- we will send you our details (ex. bank account, name and adress, contact number) through email while we make arrangements on your choice of payment method.

  3. When do I pay for my order?

    If you are using paypal- you may checkout and pay instanly for items that are in stock.

    If you are making payments through other means - payment must be done within 48 hours unless the shop has been given notice that payment will be delayed. We will however cancel the order if it is not paid within 5 days.

  4. Out of Stock?

    Since our items are grouped together- when a particular color has been sold out, the webstore marks the item at "out of stock" however, please check the drop down arrow for available colors that are in stock.

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  1. Is shipping cost included in your pricing?

    Yes. Shipping fees are already included in the prices of the items. Hence, it is considered free shipping.

  2. What courier do you use?

    A&R uses Xend for it's courier service for domestic and international shipping. It is a local shipping service that is powered by Singapore Air for international deliveries.

  3. Can we arrange for a different courier or opt for express mail?

    Yes a different courier may be used but any additonal expense incurred that is not covered by the standard shipping rates of our courier will have to be added to the cost of the item.


    It costs A&R approximately $6.00 to ship internationally. If you want to use FedEx or UPS and they charge $40- you will have to add that to your purchase to make up for the additional shipping charge.


    DIfferent countries have different CUSTOMS policies concerning contact lens importation. PLEASE be aware of your own customs laws and guidelines. Our shop can only sell and send the merchandise - you will be responsible for any permits or documentation (i.e. prescription from a doctor) required.

  4. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

    Once payment has been cleared. We (as much as humanly possible) have your order packed and ready for pickup by the shipper within 48 hours. After it has been picked up it takes the shipper about 3-5 business days to process the shipment. Once the package is in their hands, we at A&R have no control over the length of time it will take to arrive at your door.

    International orders take approximately 14- 21  working days from the time it is picked up from us till it reaches your door.  There are times however that your local post office will require you to pick it up from them.

    Metro Manila orders are usually next day delivery from the time it is picked up.

    Provincial orders take approximately 2-3 days.

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  1. What are custom orders? Is this for me?

    Custom orders are what we used to call "pre-orders"

    These are orders made by people who have special requirements that we cannot provide readily at the shop with our on-hand stocks. Custom orders are for you if:

    You require higher prescriptions that -6.00 because the shop does not carry it yet.

    You require prescriptions that are of +.25 steps. (ex. -1.25, -2.75 etc)

    You require prescription lenses that are not matched.

    (ex. left eye - -3.75  right eye - -4.50)

    You would like to order the different models (Doll, Luna, Arcane) in prescriptions or order other anime type lenses.

    You don't mind waiting for your lenses for 1 1/2 months or even longer.

    You don't mind being in constant communication with the shop in the event that any problems arise.

  2. What is the process of custom orders? How do I pay for it?

    The custom orders  follow a few but sometimes tricky stages:

    Stage 1-  The shop announces that the custom orders are open. This entails a 1-2 week period to gather enough orders to make the minimum amount required to be able to buy from the manufacturers.

    Due to buyers backing out at the last possible minute, we now ask for full payment  through the following:






    once you order. 

    Please be sure you are willing to wait for your orders because delays do happen.

     When the minimum quota is reached - we enter stage 2.

    Stage 2- All orders are sent to the manufacturer and thus begins the long and sometimes frustrating period of waiting for them to confirm if they have your required lens or not.  There are times when they have everything in stock - that's when things are easy and everybody is happy to get their orders.  Sometimes, there is a long delay in their response before they say that what you order is not available so you either withdraw your order (you get a refund) or pick something else. Rinse and repeat till all orders are cleared.

    Stage 3- When all orders are cleared, the shop will ask for your full payment.

    Stage 4- When all has been settled - I make the payment to the manufactuer via Bank Telegraphic Transfer.

    Stage 5- When the payment has cleared with their bank. They send the package usually within 5 days of clearing. It takes 3-5 days for it to reach here.  I then wait for the postal notice to collect it. (another 3-5 days)

    Stage 6- Once the parcel is in my possession I do an inventory and damage inspection. I send the orders out within 48 hours.

  3. What if there is a problem with my custom order?

    If your order is not available at the time the custom orders are being placed -there are 2 options:

    Select another model with the same prescriptions you need 


    We will refund your money.

  4. How long will custom orders take?

    It will take anywhere between a 1 1/2 month to 2. (Normally that's how long it takes to send the orders, receive them and send them to you)

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  1. Where are the lens made?

    The lens we sell at the shop are made by one of the top lens manufacturers in Korea. They have certifications from ISO (International Standard Organisation), CE (Conformité Européenne) and  KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice).

  2. Are the lens safe to use?

    The lens that we sell at the shop are safe to use.

    However, proper eye and lens care is a MUST.

  3. How long can I use them for?

    Once the vials are opened, then lens are useable for one year with good and proper lens care.

    If the vials are left sealed it will remain safe to use 3 years from its manufacturing date.

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  1. Why did your pricing change?

    During the last month, each sale that had been made- Paypal  deducted approximately $2 as their service fee. In truth we did not raise our prices of our items- we just added the paypal fee so we can still cover free shipping.

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  1. Do you accept returns?

    We only accept returns that are reported within 5 days of receiving the package.  The item MUST BE unopened when it is returned to us. We chose transparent labels so you can inspect the item without opening it. Please send us an email right away. We are always willing to work things out with our clients.

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