Alice and Rabbit's Shop


Purchasing Tutorial

We understand that sometimes it can get very confusing to shop online. This is the reason why we decided to post a little pic-tutorial to make shopping easier here at A&R. We know that not everyone has Paypal so we tried to make a hybrid site where international and local customers will have an easy time shopping (relatively speaking)

Please read the following before sending questions about ordering. The tutorial covers everything needed. (At least we hope it covers everything)

We strongly advise new shoppers to read our FAQs  to have a better understanding of how our shop works.  Please bear in mind that we are a small shop - manned by a young girl and a rabbit. LOL

Alice and Rabbit presents.... a tutorial on how to purchase lens from our shop! 


I. Click on the Webstore.  Here you will find the different models of lens we have for sale.

Browse though what you like and when you are ready pick the item of your choice. 


 II. Getting to know your item. This is the page where the lens model is described and sample photos are shown.  You may click the thumbnails to enlarge them. (You can click them again to make them even bigger to see the details)



 III. Ordering.  When you have decided that this is the lens for you there are two options. 

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS or PAYPAL users should take advantage of the shopping cart provided by     the shop. 

  • pick the color and if it is prescription or not
  • if you need prescriptions please write it on the space under the color selection drop down arrow 
  • Add to cart
  • this will take you to the check-out page where you will be asked to pay via paypal 
  • after logging into your paypal account and making the payment - you're done!
PHILIPPINE or LOCAL BUYERS click on the ORDER FORM. It will take you to a different page where you can place your order. Many local customers do not have access to Paypal or purchasing online which is why the shop is offering other payment methods
that are readily accessible to all.  We have options for bank deposits and money transfers.
(Please check the FAQs for the list of accepted payments) 


 IV. The Order Form for Local clients.  To returning friends and buyers the order form will be something familiar and if you used to buy stuff over on Mutli(cough cough) then this would also be familiar to you.  The form is self-explanatory. Answer all the questions then submit. The form will then be sent to our email.  Once we have received your order we will reply with your total bill and depending on your choice of payment - we will also send our details like our account name/number and address etc. Once payment is received we will ship your order within 48 hours. Our business would then be concluded! Hooray!

 We hope that this tutorial made sense. LOL We hope that it makes it easier for everyone to shop.

Thank you!